Chronic Disease Prevention

By: National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Chronic and serious diseases are very common these days and a lot of people live in fear of developing major illness. But people can actually do something about this by taking preventive health measures instead of worrying about it. Sure, life does not hold any guarantee for any of us, but being smart about your habits will surely pay off in the end. There are several ways to prevent chronic disease and below are some of them:

There are several ways to prevent chronic disease and below are some of them:

* Eat a diet that is calorie-restricted, rich in superfoods. Those who watch their calorie intake and make sure they eat a balanced diet are the ones who age less quickly. Make sure that you consume the right foods such as fruits and vegetables that are both rich in nutrition.

* Exercise at least 30 minutes daily, aerobically. This ensures long life according to the Mayo Clinic. Aerobic exercises, such as walking, swimming and participating in an aerobic exercise class, help boost immunity and also helps strengthen the heart by keeping the arteries clear. All these prevent not only chronic disease but other diseases, too.

* Learn how to manage your stress because this is a link to a major illness. Stress does not only lead to heart attacks, cancer and other major physical illness, it also plays a role in mental illness like depression and anxiety disorders. This is why it is essential for you to be able to manage your stress.

* Do not smoke to prevent many diseases. Smoking is credited as the instigator of many types of cancer which includes cancer of the lung, bladder, mouth and pancreas. Smoking can also cause heart disease, emphysema, asthma and other numerous chronic diseases. Quitting is a major health measure for the prevention of many diseases.

* Drink lots of water for health and hydration. Water prevents diseases because it flushes out toxins and carries nutrients to the body’s cells. The key to maintaining good health is being hydrated all the time. This could help avoid major illnesses thus, it is important to consume at least eight glasses of water daily.

* Intake of vitamins not only prevents diseases but also nourishes the body. A lot of studies show that Vitamin D is important in preventing diseases and this can either be taken in the from supplements or through sunshine. Multi-vitamins is also a good daily supplement but note that eating right is still the best way to make sure that the body receives proper vitamins and minerals to have good health and make sure to have regular body check once a year.

* Laugh away chronic diseases. It was discovered by researchers of the University of Maryland that laughter can reduce clotting and inflammation as well as boost immunity. This is probably the reason why happy people have the tendency to live longer lives see more info at

* For major health benefits, live with a pet. According to research, people who live with pets enjoy many health benefits. They help lower blood pressure and heart attack patients survive longer compared to those who do not have pets, according to National Health Institutes of Health Study.

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